5 People Who Predicted $10,000 Bitcoin Before 2017


This post is devoted to all visionaries who had the ability to visualize the five-figure worth of bitcoin coming. The sole requirement for this list is that the forecast must have been made prior to 2017.

In December 2016, bitcoin was trading at less than 10 percent of the present worth, so thinking $10,000 cost at that time clearly raised lots of eyebrows.

The wonderful figure of $10,000 was tough to absorb even for some bitcoin lovers while these individuals ended up being the laughing stock of the mainstream media and other individuals.

Tim Draper

Billionaire investor and crypto financier, who supported Tezos, informed Fox News on 13 September 2013, in a video interview that bitcoin might touch $10,000 He stated “bitcoin I’m still predicting $10,000 per bitcoin in 3 years. It’s a hedge versus fiat currencies. It’s a brand-new method to move money throughout the world in a a lot more effective method.”

Kim Dotcom

The well-known creator of file-sharing site Megaupload which got closed down in2012 Kim now runs Mega, which is an encrypted file storage service, and Internet Party, a political celebration that promotes Internet liberty and personal privacy. Dotcmo revealed a rate target of $10,000 prior to 2012 in a tweet throughout December2016


Twitter user Alan Shore tweeted:

“-LRB- *****) was right, desire I had cash to purchase bitcoin 6 months back! ”-LRB- ***********************************)

To which Kim replied:

“$2000 in 2017, $10000 prior to 2020, Mass adoption beginning next year. Massive upside capacity.”


A blogger by the name of Travis forecasted the upcoming $10,000 bitcoin cost on 28 December2016 He compared the price of bitcoin with business and thought that if bitcoin might simply reach the marketplace capitalization of Pepsi ($161 billion), it might quickly exceed the $10,000 turning point.

He concluded his post by “ Consider making the most of, or a minimum of studying, the present chances in Bitcoin and Gold … might you succeed as $10,000 Bitcoin turns into one of those worldwide truths. ”-LRB- **********************).

Joris de Ruiter

De Ruiter composed a post, released on 27 June 2014, where he shared 4 charts showing bitcoin might surpass $10,000 Bitcoin took longer than Joris predicted, however after practically 3 years and 5 months later on reached $10,000

The charts he utilized to forecast the cost and examine consisted of the bitcoin cost on a logarithmic scale where he observed, “At the end of every bitcoin bubble, the worth has to do with 2x greater than exactly what it was. Whenever.” Other ones consisted of regression chart on bitcoin cost vs. time and Google Trends chart, which revealed explosive development.

Kenneth Rapoza

Rapoza though calling bitcoin a bubble in his Forbes article from December 2013, when bitcoin initially broke the $1,000 level, likewise stated “Government likes it. Financiers enjoy it. Crooks enjoy it. The Chinese love it! This monster is going to 10 k”. Well, he was best to state the least, conversations calling bitcoin a bubble never ever stop popping, however the cost of bitcoin is seeing no up bounds and continues to go higher.

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